I write about data visualization at Data and Dragons. Some highlights:

Working For The Marrow: A Review of Info We Trust (published 3/11/19)

Left (Or Right) This Way: Pinpointing Change with Hedgehog Maps (published 3/8/19)

Spinning The Concrete Dial With Hypothetical Outcome Plots (uncertainty in visualization, published 1/28/2019)

The Lamppost: On Deciding To Give A Damn (why I care about data visualization, published 1/14/2019)

Mercy On Our Minds: Lightening Cognitive Load with the Known-New Contract (borrowing from rhetoric to sequence visualizations, published 11/27/2018)

Sword Graphs Part I: Self-Encoding and Sword Graphs Part II: Abstraction in Self-Encoding (images that represent themselves, plus pirates, published 10/29/2018 and 11/5/2018)

Time and Space (humanizing data visualization, published 10/5/2018)

An Accounting (reflections on visualizations made in the Kovno Ghetto in 1941, published 9/15/2018)